Deer Class Fall Field Trip

Chusok Part 2

Chusok at school part 2


My kids from school celebrating Chusok at school.

Korean Folk Village with the Girls

Brandy, Amanda, Amber, and me

My Newest Hobby :)

Learning to Juggle

Picture Update

I know that I have been horrible about updating pictures. Truth is, I really don't like putting together the slide shows and captions. SO, here is a temporary solution. Follow this link: 

All of the links under the headings "Vacation Pictures!" and "Visit to the Joseon Palace" lead to pictures of my most recent adventures. I love Korea and the sights just not the follow up documentation. I hope you enjoy these pictures! Let me know if you have any questions :).

Korea Pictures July Update

Korea Album 03 -- 04/09/08

More From Korea


Korea Pictures

My participation in a saftey drill.



Woodrome Family

St. Louis Arch